Stefano Gervasoni

  • Composer

Stefano Gervasoni’s (b. 1962) production is marked by a delicate expression, evolving in a rich and refined sonic universe. The transparence of his writing is veiled by barely perceptible processes that alter the sound image within. He calls upon a large compositional palette: modal structures, noise elements, playing modes… Frequently returning to his references, Gervasoni evokes associated memories that escape compositional logic: allusions to jazz (Godspell, 2002), to Frescobaldi (Six lettres sur l’obscurité, 2005-06), to fado (Com que voz, 2008), to classical—or not—music (Limbus-Limbo, 2012), to the creation of a language transfigures all sources of inspiration and focuses on the pure expression of emotional states. He teaches at the CNSMDP.

This is: Stefano Gervasoni

This is : Stefano Gervasoni (audio)

  1. Com que voz : Lagrima by Stefano Gervasoni, 2008
  2. Capriccio Ostico by Stefano Gervasoni, 2018

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