Pierluigi Billone

  • Composer

Following his two masters, Sciarrino and Lachenmann, Pierluigi Billone concentrates on the nature of sound. He also finds inspiration in free jazz and extra-European music for his research on sound material. In his research of the largest palette possible, Billone practices the instruments for which he writes, working closely with the performers. A large part of his work is dedicated to the voice and low-range instruments such as the bass, low voices, the bass clarinet, and the bassoon for which he wrote 5 solo works. He pushes his research on sound to the limit by writing long works for rudimentary instruments such as the spring drum, the glass, car springs, and dobaci (Japanese bowls).

Trailer "The next events at the Centre Pompidou"

  1. Trailer "The next events at the Centre Pompidou"

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