Pascal Dusapin

  • Composer

During his studies, Pascal Dusapin was just as interested in the visual arts and literature as in music. As a student at the Schola Cantorum, the discovery of Arcana by Varèse changed everything. He took Iannis Xenakis’ seminars from 1974 to 1978. His extra-musical inclinations, the fact that he was self-taught, were of the utmost importance from the beginning, partially explaining the uniqueness of his oeuvre: his music is scattered with works by Beckett and Deleuze, by the German romantics. Marked by Franco Donatoni and influenced by jazz, he developed a personal style free from all denominations, characterized by a subtle microtonality and an intense polyphony. Other particularity: his extremely sensual approach to the voice that permeates his instrumental writing.

Photo on the artists page : © Philippe Gontier / Photo on this page : © Quentin Chevrier

This is: Pascal Duspain

  1. Quad by Pascal Dusapin, 2007
  2. Imago by Pascal Dusapin, 2002
  3. Incisa by Pascal Dusapin, 2000

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