Olivier Cadiot

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In 1988, Olivier Cadiot published his first book of poetry L’Art poétic’ (éditions P.O.L.). In 1993, the first volume of a series appeared Futur, ancien, fugitif, followed by Colonel des Zouaves, Retour définitif et durable de l’être aimé, Fairy Queen, Un nid pour quoi faire, Un mage en été. The series ended in 2015 with Providence. The majority of his books have been adapted for the stage by Ludovic Lagarde, for example Un mage en été created for the Festival d’Avignon in 2010, a festival during which Olivier Cadiot was the associated artist. Alongside Rodolphe Burger he creates recordings, the latest being Psychopharmaka. Latest publication: Histoire de la littérature récente, P.O.L, 2016.

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