Eric Maestri

  • Composer

Eric Maestri does not believe in the existence of boundaries. His work is both a reflection on music itself, a psychological auto-analysis of the creative process, and the feeling of time that passes and that, through experiences, projects the imagination in a future dimension. The theme of writing constitutes the central component, interpreted as a unique concrete and conceptual aspect. Writing is thought of as Derrida could conceive of it, as archi-writing. This perspective invites Eric to imagine composition as a complex act illuminating the natural a psychological phenomenon of becoming. As a musicologist, he is interested in the history and analysis of electroacoustic and mixed music.

He is founder and artistic director of the ensemble Imaginaire.

This is: Eric Maestri

This is : Eric Maestri (audio)

  1. Crossing the line by Eric Maestri, 2007
  2. Celestografia, music musicans by Eric Maestri, 2011
  3. Endeared by Eric Maestri, 2008

Trailer "The next events at the Centre Pompidou"

  1. Trailer "The next events at the Centre Pompidou"

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