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Samstag aus Licht

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June 28 through June 29,
6:30 p.m.

Cité de la musique, salle des concerts
Access plan

Tickets for the 2 parts : 40 €


Opera in two parts and in two different places: at the Cité de la musique and at the Saint-Jacques-Saint-Christophe Church.


Samstag aus Licht (Saturday from Light) is a part of a series of seven operas to which Stockhausen dedicated all his work between 1977 and 2003. Every opera in Licht is dedicated to a day of the week, its corresponding planet, and a strict organization of the symbolism and ritual. Placed in the orbit of Saturn, Saturday is the day of Lucifer, and, according to the composer, the day of death, of the dance of death, of goodbye, and of the passage to light. Lucifer is represented by a bass, a trombone player, and a dancer; he incarnated one of the archetypes of the full work, opposite Eva and Michael. On stage, a blaze of music and visuals: ceremony, incantation, childhood nightmares share this day that ends beyond the Cité de la musique in the  Saint Jacques Saint Christophe church, with Lucifer’s farewells, the flight of the crows, and breaking nutshells. A poetic and sonic creations, choreographic and visual, carried by the artistic forces and total commitment of the Balcon.

Le Balcon – chorus and ensemble
Orchestre d’harmonie du Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Paris
Chœur de l’Armée française
Maxime Pascal musical direction and conception
Damien Bigourdan stage direction and conception
Nieto visual creation and conception
Florent Derex sound projection
Pascale Lavandier costumes
Myrtille Debièvre set design
Marguerite Lantz property master
Catherine Verheyde lighting design
Agathe Cemin assistant director

Damien Pass bass (Lucifer)
Alphonse Cemin piano (Lucifer’s Dream Player)
Claire Luquiens, Julie Brunet-Jailly flute (Black Cat Kathinka)
Alice Caubit [sight], Akino Kamiya [hearing], Frédéric Blondy [smell], Arthur Lavandier [taste], Othman Louati [touch], Clotilde Lacroix [thought] (The Six Mortal Senses)
Emmanuelle Grach (Ribbon Dancer)
Henri Deléger trompette (Michael)
Mathieu Adam trombone (Diabolical Wind Player)
Guy Didier organ
Emilie Fleury chorus master


Saturday, June 26, 5:30pm

Listening Keys: Samstag aus Licht by Stockhausen
Laurent Feneyrou, lecturer

Cité de la musique, amphithéâtre
Free entry, limited seats available.

A Le Balcon, IRCAM – Centre Pompidou, Philharmonie de Paris coproduction.

Donnerstag aus Licht, Acte II : Michaels Reise Eva (Iris Zerdoud), Michael (Henri Deléger)
© Meng Phu
Donnerstag aus Licht, Maxime Pascal (direction), Mathieu Adam (trombone)
© Meng Phu
Donnerstag aus Licht, Acte I : Examen Alphonse Cemin (piano), Léa Trommenschlager, Jamil Attar, Damien Pass (le jury), Michael ténor (Damien Bigourdan).
© Meng Phu
Donnerstag aus Licht, Acte III : Festival – répétition Orchestre à cordes du CRR de Paris, encadré par Elsa Séger, altiste du Balcon.
© Meng Phu
Donnerstag aus Licht, Acte III : Luzifer (Damien Pass)
© Meng Phu

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